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    IT-CPSTONE42/Capstone42 Groups whose verdict is AWR (Second Sem 2021-2022)
    by Catherine Carumba - Thursday, 12 May 2022, 5:37 PM

    IT-CPSTONE42/Capstone42 Groups whose verdict is AWR:

    Please follow these instructions:
    1.) Route your "Final Manuscript" and "Revised System" to a.)your adviser b.) panel 1 c.) panel 2 d.) chairman e) IT Research Coordinator. Implement all corrections.

    2.) Have your final manuscript ...

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    Oral Defense schedule
    by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 11 May 2022, 2:50 PM

    To all Capstone42 Teams (Second Sem 2021-2022)

    Pls be reminded:

    1. Oral Defense Schedule : May 12-13, 2022(Thu-Fri) at MMR530A

    2. Please submit a copy of your explainer video to 

    3. Please come an hour before your sched and please wear your corporate attire/group attire during your oral defense. Thank you. 

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    UC ICT Congress 2022
    by Catherine Carumba - Thursday, 5 May 2022, 11:20 AM

    Dear UC MAIN CCS Students

    ICT Congress 2022 will be on May 20, 2022(Friday)

     Please click this link below for the details:

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    IT-CPSTONE41/Capstone41 : Skills Test Schedule
    by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 4 May 2022, 2:37 PM
    To all IT-CPSTONE41/Capstone41 Teams(Second  2021-2022)

    Please be informed of your   Skills Test schedule which will be on  May 11, 2022 (Wed) ; 8:00AM  @UC Main CCS Laboratory. 

    Thank you.

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    CCS Graduating students 2nd Sem 2021-2022 :Recruitment and Webinar Activities
    by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 4 May 2022, 2:23 PM

    Please take note of  the following Recruitment and Webinar Activities:

    - Alliance Software, Inc. [Virtual Recruitment Day] on May 14,2022(Sat); 9:00am-12:00nn 

    - Educational training program by House of IT on May 7, 2022 (Sat), 1pm.  

    -  NEC Virtual Job Fair on April 30, 2022(Sat) - 10:00am-12:00nn


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