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Graduation Ceremony /Graduation Rehearsal (Second Sem 2018)

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Graduation Ceremony /Graduation Rehearsal (Second Sem 2018)
by Catherine Carumba - Friday, 22 February 2019, 8:21 AM

To all BSIT/ACT graduating students (Second Sem 2018)

Final Exam Schedule for Graduating Students: February 26-27, 2019(Tue-Wed)

• Please secure your clearance and OATH of CANDIDACY forms at the Registrar's Office as soon as possible. ( None filing of the application for graduation: No giving of oath of Candidacy form). Deadline as follows:

Deadline of Signing (Dean): March 5, 2019(Tuesday)

Deadline for Submission(Registrar's Office): March 6,  2019 (Wednesday)

Note: Name will not be included in the list of BSIT/ACT candidates for Graduation( souvenir program) if a student fails to submit the needed papers/oath of candidacy on the said Registrar's deadline. 

Graduation RehearsalMarch 14, 2019(Thursday) ;12:30 in the afternoon; @ the Cebu Coliseum

*Note: BSIT /ACT Candidates for graduation who fail to join/attend in the rehearsal are not allowed to join the Commencement exercises. 

• Graduation Ceremony: March  20, 2019(Wednesday); 12:00 in the afternoon @ the Cebu Coliseum

Assembly time /Group pictorial: 11:30 in the morning (SHARP) ; 

Assembly area: near EDP area

For your information and guidance. Thank you.