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Attn: All Capstone42 Passers

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Attn: All Capstone42 Passers
by Dean Melvin - Tuesday, 5 March 2019, 12:10 PM

  • Your last requirement will be your team’s participation in the StartUps Fest during our CCS Days. 
  • Each team will field 1 representative for the entire morning of March 7 and March 8 to entertain random questions and demonstrate the system at your assigned exhibited poster. 
  • Your area will be monitored by the office to ensure constistent manning.
  • All of you are required to attend the closing ceremony where the following will be awarded:

    1. Best Hustler
    2. Best Hipster
    3. Best Hacker
    4. Best Capstone Project
    5. Best Capstone Project Poster
    6. MAVC finalists
    7. PSC Semi-Finalists