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Reminder:Proper attire during graduation/Assembly Protocol /Graduation Proceedings(March 2019)

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Reminder:Proper attire during graduation/Assembly Protocol /Graduation Proceedings(March 2019)
by Catherine Carumba - Friday, 15 March 2019, 9:03 AM

To all BSIT and ACT candidates for graduation(Second Sem 2018-2019)

Pls be reminded:

A. Proper attire during graduation :
1. Shoes = Close Black shoes (at least with 2 inches heels.STRICTLY NO Silver /glittering strappy sandal and/or slippers)
Outfit = NO long gown and/or  NO pants

1. shoes = Black shoes (no sandals or no rubber shoes)
2. dress = Black pants but NOT maong or denim
Polo with collar (may be short sleeves or long sleeves BUT NEVER SLEEVELESS)

B. Assembly Protocols: 

1. Only the candidates for graduation shall be allowed to assemble at the assembly area and shall be directed by their respective graduation coordinators;
2. Upon reaching the assembly area, candidates shall have his/her attendance checked by the coordinator; will accordingly cue and be arranged alphabetically;
3. Parents/Guardians of the candidates must be directed to go straight to the graduation venue and not to join the graduation march from the UC Campus to the Coliseum; Preferably, require parents/guardians to come early so they may be the good seats;
4. Particular to parents of Honor graduates, inform them (parents/guardians) to be seated at the immediate right side or left side of the Stage where their sons/daughter/wards with honors are seated;
5. Require the candidates to eat   early  lunch prior to the assembly time

C. Graduation Proceedings:
Candidates should be ....
a. Be very attentive to the proceedings and extend utmost respect and courtesy to everyone.
b. Be seated properly for the whole duration of the proceeding.
d. Express gratitude by saying "Thank you" when receiving the Diploma and/or Medals.
e. AVOID using the Graduation Cap as "PAMAYPAY" or Fan at any part of the proceeding.
f. Move out discreetly from the ringside section when taking the call of nature or when wanting to drink water. Or may request any ushers nearby to buy water for them when proceeding is going on;
g. Avoid using mobile phones (ie. messaging, calling or taking pictures or video) while the proceeding is going on.