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Signing of Practicum Journals/Duty Diaries

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Signing of Practicum Journals/Duty Diaries
by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 24 July 2019, 6:22 PM

To all Practicum students (First Sem 2019-2020)

Please eligibly fill-in  your practicum journal/duty diaries.  Below is the schedule of  signing  :


03889 PRACT41(Advisers:CARUMBA, MA. CATHERINE and YBAÑEZ, LEAH) - July 25, 2019(Thu); anytime during your vacant.

03871 PRACT41 LEC(Advisers: CARUMBA, MA. CATHERINE and AMORES,JENNIFER ) -July 26, 2019(Fri); anytime during your vacant 

04002 PRACT42 LEC (Adviser: NIÑAL,MELVIN);July 29, 2019,Mon; anytime during your vacant  in the afternoon.

03954 PRACT42 LEC(Adviser; NIÑAL,MELVIN)July  30, 2019, Tue; anytime during your vacant in the afternoon.