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Capstone 42 students (First Sem 2019): Skills Test

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Capstone 42 students (First Sem 2019): Skills Test
by Catherine Carumba - Thursday, 22 August 2019, 2:41 PM

To all Capstone 42 students (First Sem 2019-2020)

Please be informed of your skills test schedule :

Date: September 3, 2019(Tuesday) 

Time: 1:30pm

Venue: Labs  524,528;530 and 542


1. Before taking the test, the following must be submitted to the Dean's office on or before August 27, 2019(Tuesday)  :

       a.Capstone Project Manual with duly-accomplished form -oath of confirmation;

       b. consultation logs with the list of modules;

note:  there will be no acceptance of documents during the day of the skills test, therefore comply immediately.

2. Bring your Capstone Project Manual  during the skills test; and

3.  Wear your OJT -Type A uniform and nameplate.