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Capstone42 Oral Defense Schedule and Requirements

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Capstone42 Oral Defense Schedule and Requirements
by Catherine Carumba - Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 4:25 PM

To all Capstone42 Teams (First 2019-2020)
Pls be remineded:

1. Oral Defense Schedule: September 23-28, 2019

2. Requirements for Oral Defense :
1. 1  copy of the complete Oral Defense Manuscript ;

2.  4 copies of the complete ACM -Formatted Manuscript (with a list of modules and objectives); 

3. Consultation Logs Form with Adviser's Endorsement ; and

4. Technical Editor/Censor's Certificate.

Submit the above-mentioned documents on or before September 13, 2019 (Friday) at CCS Office.


Distribution and processing of Oral Defense Hearing Notice and Panel Honoraria Form (Form 10)  will follow after submission of the above-mentioned documents.