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Practicum 41 and Practicum 42 Final Requirements deadline

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Practicum 41 and Practicum 42 Final Requirements deadline
by Catherine Carumba - Thursday, 19 September 2019, 1:58 PM

To all Practicum 41 and Practicum42 students(First Sem 2019-2020)

Please be informed  of your Final Requirements deadline :

Practicum 42 with EDP CODE : 

04002(adviser:Dr. Niñal) - on October 1, 2019(Tue);  at CCS office

03954 (adviser: Dr.Niñal ) -on
  October 2, 2019(Wed); at CCS office

Practicum 41 with EDP CODE: 

38871(Adviser: Ms. Amores) - on October 16, 2019(Wed),   @CCS office

03889(Advisers: Ms. Ybañez/Ms. Carumba) -  on  October  17, 2019(Thu), @ CCS office

Graduating students: October 2, 2019(Wed)

When filling-in your documents, please write eligibly.

Submit the documenttogether with your Practicum Manual  on the above-specified-dates.

Wear your Practicum Uniform -Type A and Nameplate .

Please be reminded that submitting beyond the deadline will not be accepted and therefore  Final Grades will automatically be DR.

For your list of Final requirements, please refer to your Practicum Manual.