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Pract41 and Pract42 addenda to the Guidelines

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Pract41 and Pract42 addenda to the Guidelines
by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 23 October 2019, 9:29 AM

To all Practicum 41 and Practicum 42 students (Second Semester 2019-2020)

Effective Summer, 2017 and onwards:

  1. No BSIT student will be allowed enrollment of Pract41 and Pract42 without first securing from the Dean's Office at least 2 signed Recommendation Letters to prospective companies. Remember that documents related to non-recognized companies will automatically be nullified.
  2. No Pract41 and Pract42 enrollees will be allowed to start their Duty At the HTE without submitting first the accomplished Acceptance Confirmation Slip/Form and MOA. Otherwise, your duty hours will not be honored. 
  3. Midterm Requirements submitted to the Dean's Office beyond the deadline will not be accepted and therefore Midterm and Final Grades will automatically be DR. 
  4. Likewise, Final Requirements that are submitted beyond the deadline will not be accepted and will automatically constitute a grade of 5.0
  5. The start and completion date stated in the Certificate of Completion, Journals and other pertinent documents must coincide with that in your DTR. 
  6. Any falsified documents submitted to us will consitute an automatic grade of DR. 
  7. Non-attendance in 3 meetings per practicum subject will also constitute an automatic grade of DR. 
  8. Letters of apology will not be honored in lieu of any infractions such as non-compliance of the policies/procedures in the manual and any released addenda. 
  9. Your irregular schedule will be your sole responsibility as the college always makes sure that your practicum sked will not be in conflict with other subjects. We also make sure that sked of 4th year sections are offered either in AM or PM. 


NOTE: This is partial addenda and will surely be incorporated in the Practicum Manual.