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Online Summer Enrollment and Classes FAQs

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Online Summer Enrollment and Classes FAQs
by Catherine Carumba - Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 3:07 PM

To all Ucmain Ccs Students!!!

Online Summer Enrollment and Classes FAQs:

Q: When will enrollment start?
A: May 18, 2020

Q: When will classes start?
A: June 15, 2020

Q: Are we required to go to school?
A: Summer classes are pure online so subjects that cannot in any way be delivered in pure online are not offered.

Q: How will classes be conducted?
A: Online. Both Asynchronous (your pace) and Synchronous (real-time)

Q: What platforms, tools and technologies are to be used?
A: Google Classroom(main environment) Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Q: What do I need to prepare?
A: Decent Internet connecton, Computer esp. for major subjects, smartphone and the necessary apps/programs to be installed.

Q: After online enrollment, what’s next?
A: Study in advance random resources from the web about the subject and wait for your instructor to contact you via txt and email address tht you provided during enrolment.

Q: How about the payments?
A: It is an Enroll/Study Now Pay Later scheme. Although payment channels are available from UC partners for you to pay so as not to accumulate big balances.

More QAs soon....

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