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Toga Pictorial

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Toga Pictorial
by Catherine Carumba - Monday, 9 November 2020, 11:42 AM
Dear BSIT/ACT graduating students (First Sem 2020-2021)

Please take note of the following:

*The schedule for Toga Pictorial will be November to December.

*For toga pictorial pre-booking,send message to Light and Mtion Photo Studio fb page or contact 412-3277 or 09226436559 (c/o Ms Carmela) ; schedule 8:00AM-12:00NN; 1:00-5:00PM M-F.

*For female:    must bring own lipstick; own tube or spaghetti (upper)

*Please follow health protocol -wear face mask and face shield ; social distancing.  ask permission from your parent for your whereabouts. 

*Downpayment: 50% 

Thank you.