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Capstone42 Groups whose verdict is AWR(Second Sem 2020-2021

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Capstone42 Groups whose verdict is AWR(Second Sem 2020-2021
by Catherine Carumba - Friday, 18 December 2020, 7:42 PM

Capstone Groups whose verdict is AWR:

Please follow these instructions:
1.) Route your "Final Manuscript" and "Revised System" to a.)your adviser b.) panel 1 c.) panel 2 d.) chairman e) IT Research Coordinator. Implement all corrections.
2.) Have your final manuscript together with the approval sheet, bounded (lightblue with black or gold text )
3.) Submit the hardbound with the required CD/DVD and seek for Dean's signature in the "Approval Sheet". Deadline is December 28, 2020(Monday)

4.) Have your Capstone42 entry in the "Oath of Candidacy" marked "PASSED" and signed by the subject adviser.

5.) Seek for the Dean's signature in the "Oath of Candidacy" if and only if all subjects including Capstone42 are marked "PASSED" and signed by each of your teachers). 

Note (To those who didn't make it): Even if you failed, but your groupmates passed, you should still continue to participate and complete the requirements. These requirements will still be asked from you when you enroll the subject again.