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IT-CPSTONE41(Capstone41) and CC-Pract41 (Practicum 1) Pre-requisites

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IT-CPSTONE41(Capstone41) and CC-Pract41 (Practicum 1) Pre-requisites
by Catherine Carumba - Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 3:07 PM

To  All  BSIT  Students  enrolling IT-CPSTONE41(Capstone 41) and CC-Pract41 (Practicum 1) subjects under BSIT 2018-2019 Curriculum, this First Semester SY 2021-2022.


Please be reminded of the pre-requisite subjects of IT-CPSTONE41 and CC-PRACT41. You need to FINISHED and PASSED ALL THE SUBJECTS FROM FIRST YEAR TO THIRD  YEAR. 

You are not allowed to enroll IT-CPSTONE41 and CC-PRACT41 if you have lacking subject/s from first year to third year. 

Please review your grades/subjects. Please refer it to your Prospectus (BSIT 2018-2019 Curriculum). You may view your Prospectus through your enrollment portal under MAIN Menu/Curriculum Viewing and for your GRADES, you may view it under GRADE HISTORY.


Thank you.