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IT-CPSTONE41 Proposal Hearing /Submission of Research Documents(First Sem 2022)

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IT-CPSTONE41 Proposal Hearing /Submission of Research Documents(First Sem 2022)
by Catherine Carumba - Monday, 10 October 2022, 6:24 PM

IT-CPSTONE41  Proposal Hearing /Submission of Research Documents(First  2022-2023)


Proposal Hearing Schedule: December 7,9,10 (Wed,Fri and Saturday) at UC Main CCS 538 (CCS MECCA)

Please make sure to submit at   CCS Office the following documents:

* final Proposal Manuscript (softcopy);
* softcopy of Consultation Logs Form with Adviser's Endorsement (bare forms will not be accepted);

*List of modules with Adviser's signature.


Submit the above-mentioned documents on or before December 1, 2022 (Thursday) , pls send to  


Distribution and processing of Proposal Hearing Notice and Panel Honoraria Form (Form 10)  will follow after submission of the above-mentioned documents. Deadline for the submission of Form 10(accomplished copy) is December 2, 2022(Friday).



1.You are advised to coordinate with your adviser as to grammar and formatting.
2. All groups should prepare their slides based on Capstone41 Presentation Outline and Guidelines (Appendix K) found in your Capstone Manual or -pls see attached file).

3. Please be ready an hour before your schedule and wear your proper attire during your proposal hearing.  



  Capstone41_Appendix-K Capstone41 Presentation Outline and Guidelines.pdf