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Practicum 41- Submission of Midterm and Final Requirements

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Practicum 41- Submission of Midterm and Final Requirements
by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 22 February 2023, 10:24 AM

To all UC Main CC-PRACT41/PRACT41  Students (officially enrolled this Second Sem 2022-2023)

Please fill out and submit  the following documents   below:


Midterm Requirements :

1. Confirmation Slip (Accomplished copy)   

2. MOA and SIC (Accomplished copy)     

3.Student-Trainee Data Sheet (Appendix F) 

4.Practicum HTE Data Sheet (Appendix L) 

5. Organizational Chart

6. Practicum Data Sheet (Appendix M) 

7. Practicum HTE Locator Map Copy/Sketch (Appendix N) 

8.Job Description (Appendix O) 

9. Practicum Journal/Diary (Appendix O)  

10.  DTR

Deadline for Submission of  Midterm Req.  –February 28 , 2023(Tuesday) in a yellow expanding  envelope(long) at CCS Office. 

Final Requirements :

1.  Pictures During Duty

2.  Certificate of Completion

3. Practicum Journal/Diary  (continuation..)

4.  Performance Evaluation(a form will be distributed from CCS Office)

5.  Summary of Immersion

Deadline for Submission of  Final   Req.    :   May 18, 2023 (Thursday)

To those who have current/previous work credited to CC-PRACT41/Pract41 – please submit only:

Approved letter-request;

Student-Trainee Data Sheet (Appendix F) ;

Summary of Immersion;

Certificate of Employment