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IT-Cpstone42 :Oral Defense Requirements/Schedule

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IT-Cpstone42 :Oral Defense Requirements/Schedule
by Catherine Carumba - Thursday, 9 March 2023, 1:24 PM

To all IT-Cpstone42/Capstone42 Teams (Second Sem 2022-2023)

 Pls be informed:

I. 1. Oral Defense Schedule:  Appril 27, 28, 29, 2023 (Thu-Saturday) 

     Venue: UC Main CCS 538 (CCS MECCA)

2. Requirements for Oral Defense :

        1.  softcopy of the complete Oral Defense Manuscript ;

        2.  softcopy of the complete ACM -Formatted Manuscript (with a list of modules and objectives); 

3. softcopy of the Consultation Logs Form with Adviser's Endorsement ; and

4. Technical Editor/Censor's Certificate.

Submit the above-mentioned documents on or before April 17, 2023(Monday) ;pls send to


Distribution and processing of the Oral Defense Hearing Notice and Panel Honoraria Form (Form 10)  will follow after the submission of the above-mentioned documents. The deadline for the submission of Form 10(accomplished copy; hardcopy) is April 21, 2023(Friday); submit it to CCS Dean's Office.

 II. Also, pls prepare an explainer/concept video.

Oral defense presentation and guidelines, please refer below:

* Explainer Video
* Introduce yourself to the panel (mention your role)
* Objectives of the study
* Scope and limitations of the study
* Functional Decomposition Diagram
* Use Case Diagram
* ER Diagram
* Technology Stack
* Network Design
* Project Roadmap
* Conclusions
* Recommendations
* System Demo