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Signing of Practicum Journals/Duty Diaries

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Signing of Practicum Journals/Duty Diaries
by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 10:36 AM

To all Practicum students (First Sem 2018-2019)

Below is the schedule for the signing of Practicum Journals/Duty Diaries:

Practicum 42 with EDP CODE : 

01214(adviser:Dr. Niñal) and 01263 (adviser: Ms Amores)- on July 25, 2018(Wed); anytime during your vacant time; at CCS office

Practicum 41 with EDP CODE: 

36996(Advisers: Mr. Ferolino/Ms. Carumba) - on July 26, 2018 (Thursday);  @CCS office

01131(Advisers: Ms. Amores/Ms. Carumba) - on July 27, 2018(Friday),   @CCS office

01164(Advisers: Dr. Niñal/Ms. Carumba) - on July 30, 2018(Monday),   @ CCS office

01107(Advisers: Ms. Ybañez/Ms. Carumba) - - on July 31, 2018(Tuesday) , @ CCS office