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To all Capstone41 Teams for Title Hearing/Pitching

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To all Capstone41 Teams for Title Hearing/Pitching
by Catherine Carumba - Wednesday, 17 July 2019, 8:59 AM

To all Casptone41 Teams- First Sem 2019 -2020

What: Please be reminded that the schedule of Capstone41 Title Hearing/Critiquing/Lightning Pitch will be on Wednesday and Thursday(July 17-18, 2019); starting 8:30am at CCS office.

Submission of the following documents is needed:

1. Capstone Team Composition Form(Filled-out);  

2. Business Model Canvass ; 

3. Related Studies Comparative Matrix ; and 

4. Validation board

Please attached your filled-out oath of confirmation -[accomplished copy ;  submission is by group @ CCS Office]

Submission of the above-mentioned documents will be on or before  Monday,July 15, 2019; until 5:00pm only.  at CCS office.   First to submit will be the first to pitch (first-in-first-out).  Please see list 


1. Each group must bring  laptop [with  pitch deck of each member (queued )].  Have a softcopy of your pitch deck saved in a flashdrive as back up.

2. If you have already your Nameplate and OJT uniform (Type A), please wear it; else please wear formal attire. Or have no nameplate yet,  please prepare a nametag.

3. Please come 30 minutes before your schedule.